Subject: Marygrove College Archives
Contact: Michael Barnes
Effective Date: September 2006
Purpose: To define the span and function of the Marygrove College Archives
Scope: This policy applies to all users and guests of the Marygrove College Library

Statement of Policy:

Mission Statement

The primary purpose of the Marygrove College Archives (hereafter referred to as the Archives) is to document the history of the College and to provide source material for administrators, faculty, students, alumni, and other members of the Marygrove community, as well as scholars, authors, and other interested persons who seek to evaluate the College’s history, academic programs, and cultural impact. The Archives will solicit and collect those materials that document the innovative and alternative nature expressed by the Marygrove College community both in its educative and social aspects.

The Archives will provide care, protection, and appropriate storage materials for its collections based upon this policy. The Archivist will acquire only those materials related to the College and its activities—those that tend to illustrate or describe the nature and activities of the students, faculty, staff, patrons and supporters of the College. Exceptions may be approved by the Library Management Team or by consultation with a member of the Marygrove Administration.


The Archives’ main concentration is the history of Marygrove College and its activities that tend to demonstrate the unique nature of the students, faculty, staff, and supporters of the College. The Archives houses specialized collections on the role and activities of the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary as pertain to Marygrove College. The Archives also contains items relating to the history of Detroit. The collection holds historical records, photographic images, manuscripts, and other documents devoted to these themes. This includes relevant papers, correspondence, flyers, slides, policies and procedures associated with Marygrove College and the larger Detroit community.


The current collection consists of:

  • Minutes, memoranda and reports of all major academic and administrative commissions, councils, and committees
  • Departmental records, including minutes, reports, correspondence, and syllabi
  • Accreditation reports and supporting documentation
  • Annual budget and audit reports
  • Records of the registrar, including timetables, class schedules, enrollment reports, graduation rosters and other reports issued on a regular basis
  • Alumni records, including minutes of the alumni associations, Homecoming and alumni recognition
  • Reports of the Admissions Office
  • Records of student organizations
  • All publications, newsletters and booklets distributed in the name of Marygrove College, including catalogs, special bulletins, yearbooks, student newspapers, faculty and administration newsletters and publications, and alumni publications
  • Photo prints; negatives; slides; audio and video film, tapes, and reels; and oral history interviews documenting the development of the College
  • Maps, prints, and architectural drawings documenting the physical changes and development of the CollegeGrant records
  • Artifacts relating to the history of the College
  • The official administrative records of College correspondence


The Archives, located in room L016 in the lower level of the library, will be open for all legitimate inquiries from students, alumni, faculty, and guests during normal work hours (8 a.m. - 5 p.m.), Monday through Friday, or when an Archivist is available. Reference services will be provided by Archives staff members, and staff will treat all patrons equally with courtesy. Staff will offer help with the use of finding aids and materials location but not research. Archival materials will be reshelved by staff or the Archivist.

Researchers looking for specific information on a particular subject will make an appointment to examine materials in the Archives. A written authorization to publish or use information from the Archives will be issued by a member of the Marygrove Administration. Copies of documents and photographs may be obtained with the permission of an Archives staff member. The collection is for library use only so that materials are preserved for future use; only in extremely rare cases will the Archives lend materials.

Confidential Information

Confidential information contained in the files maintained by the Archives is defined as anything not specifically identified as public or directory information. This includes, but is not restricted to, personnel records, inter-office documentation, personal correspondence from faculty and administrators, financial files, special academic programs, official communications to and from the student, and correspondence by faculty and administrators. Access is granted at the discretion of the Archivist.

Documents containing sensitive fiscal data such as the Financial State of the College reports and tax documents may only be used by the Dean of Financial Affairs or the College President.


The Archives classifications are as follows:
Marygrove College Documents RG 1 - 1000
Marygrove College Artifacts ART 1000 – 9999
Marygrove College Pictures PIC 100 – 999
Marygrove College Awards AW 100 - 999
Marygrove College Publications PUB A - Z

Rare Books

The Marygrove College Library owns many rare materials. Following Ranganathan's first law for libraries, “Books are for use,” if an item is being used it will be kept in circulation regardless of its value. Each item will be withdrawn per standard procedure (see Collection Management Policy). If, at the end of the withdrawal process, an item is deemed to have monetary value it will be stored in room L002 on the lower level of the library. At such a time when a large portion of rare items have been set aside (for example, one vertical unit), the Archivist will contact a local used book dealer and sell the items.

Date created: June 12, 2006
Date of latest revision: September 6, 2006

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